Posted on: January 7, 2018

Week of January 3-7

Reilley Pardue Winchester, 6 Jan 2018, 8yo, green power bait, Sign n of pier, 4lb, her biggest trout

Eight-year-old Reilley from Winchester caught her biggest ever trout on Friday (see photo). It was a four-pound Tailwalker that she hooked from the shore north of the fishing pier. She was using green Powerbait. Friday we also saw a seven-pound Tailwalker...

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Lake Poway Fish Reports
Posted on: December 31, 2017

Weel of December 27-31

Brison Craft 28 Dec 17 Poway 7lb White jig 12yo fishing pier

Open for Boating and Fishing New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2018!

The last week of the year was a good week for trout fishing at Lake Poway. Twelve year old Brison hooked a seven pound Tailwalker on Thursday (see photo). A Poway local, Brison was f...

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Lake Poway Fish Reports
Posted on: December 24, 2017

Week of December 20-24

Tristan Aguon 23 Dec 2017, 6lb trout, Jump Off Point, minijig, nightcrawler

Tristan, a Poway local and Lake Poway regular, brought in a 6 pound Tailwalker on Saturday. He was fishing with his dad near Jump Off Point using minijigs and nightcrawlers. We also saw a 9 pound 4 ounce Tailwalker this week and plenty of smaller trout.


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Lake Poway Fish Reports