Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome to the City of Poway Blue Sky Ecological Reserve Docent and Field Volunteer Program.

As a Blue Sky Docent or Field Volunteer, you will meet people with similar interests, make a positive impact, and contribute significantly to the preservation and enjoyment of our natural areas.

Apply to become a Docent or Field Volunteer online on the Volunteer Opportunities page.
Docents assist year-round in a wide variety of capacities. Whether leading regularly-scheduled nature hikes; working with scout or school groups; helping with special events; habitat restoration projects; or conducting patrols in the Reserve, Blue Sky Docents are a dynamic group of people whose assistance is invaluable. Training, to lead nature hikes, is hosted annually.

Field Volunteers
Field Volunteers perform all of the duties of a Docent, with the exception of leading nature hikes. Field Volunteers can join our volunteer team at any time throughout the year. If interested in leading nature hikes, Field Volunteers can participate in the next available Docent Training.