1. Landscaping Resources

    Download the City of Poway’s Plantastic Possibilities brochure, or find other resources for California-friendly landscaping.

  2. Six Steps to a California Friendly Garden

    Get advice from Nan Stern, one of California’s leading gurus for water conservation gardening, on how to change your yard to California Friendly landscape.

  3. Sprinkler System Tune-Up

    Learn tips to help cut back your water consumption by making some simple changes to your sprinkler system.


Debbie's Landscape Before


Debbie's Landscape After
Debbie, a Poway resident, made changes to her landscape. She and her family took out 2,500 square feet of grass and installed water-wise landscaping. Debbie says, "We like the yard much better than when we had grass. We have cut our water use tremendously and everything is so much easier."