Boards & Committees

  1. Budget Review

    The purpose of the Budget Review committee shall be to review the annual Operating and Capital Improvement Budget as proposed by the City Manager, and report its findings to the City Council.

  2. Mickey Cafagna Community Center

    The purpose of the Mickey Cafagna Community Center Ad Hoc Committee is to review construction materials and other details with a goal of keeping costs down.

  3. Oversight Board

    The Oversight Board will oversee the “winding down” process of the Poway Redevelopment Agency in accordance with ABX1 26.

  4. Parks & Recreation Advisory

    The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee shall be to advise the City Council on the parks and recreational needs of the City of Poway.

  5. Poway Road Corridor Study

    The purpose of the Poway Road Corridor Study (PRCS) Working Group is to participate and provide input into the preparation of the PRCS and review draft documents.

  6. Traffic Safety

    The committee meets on an as-needed basis to discuss traffic related issues that have been raised by residents or city staff, and make recommendations to the City Council.